How to Adjust the Guitar Bridge to a Normal Height

Adjusting the guitar bridge to a normal height is the first step in customizing the feel and projection of the strings. By setting the bridge to a normal setting first, it makes it easier to make small adjustments to fit your own personal preferences. The default height is based on the standard position that makes guitar strings resonate most effectively. If you move the bridge too close to the guitar, the strings will vibrate against the neck and sound dull. If you move it too far away from the bridge, the guitar will become harder to play.

Step 1

Find the 3/64-inch marking on a ruler that has 1/16-inch markings. Three-sixty-fourths of an inch is located just shy of the first marking on this ruler.

Step 2

Adjust the bridge height to 1/16 inch, and then lower it a small amount to achieve a normal bridge height. You can lower the height of the bridge by turning the screws clockwise, with a flat-head screwdriver, on either side of the bridge.

Step 3

Play the guitar, and listen for any buzzing. If you hear buzzing, then the strings are too close to the body, and you will need to raise the bridge slightly.


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