How to Attach a Clarinet Lyre Ring

Clarinet lyres are a part of a clarinet that is easy to assemble and useful for those who play a clarinet in a marching band. The clip at the top of the lyre opens so that you can attach a music booklet, allowing the musician to easily sort through music. Lyre’s are useful for playing new music. Learning to attach the ring properly is crucial to prevent damage to the instrument.

Step 1

Detach the lower joint from the upper joint of the clarinet.

Step 2

Loosen the screw on the bottom of the clarinet lyre to make the ring larger.

Step 3

Place the metal ring of the lyre around the metal rim at the top of the lower joint. Make sure that the lyre is pointing straight up so that you can easily read the flip folder while playing.

Step 4

Tighten the lyre by turning the metal screw clockwise to create a secure fit.

Step 5

Attach the upper joint to the clarinet. If you need to adjust the lyre further to prevent contact with the keys, do so by loosening the screw on the bottom of the lyre slightly and adjusting as necessary.

Don't tighten the lyre so much that it harms the finish of your clarinet. Some clarinetists will attach a small piece of rubber to the inside of the lyre to prevent it from getting damaged.


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