How to Attach a Trombone Spit Valve

Installing a new trombone spit valve, also known as a "water key," will make it possible to repair your trombone and prevent air leaking while performing. Occasionally, it becomes necessary to replace this part of the trombone due to wear, accidental damage or misuse. Provided you are comfortable using a soldering gun, the process of installing a new water key is relatively straightforward. Make sure to select a water key that matches the finish or your instrument. If you have any doubts about completing this process, take your horn to a professional music store.

Step 1

Attach the saddle to the trombone by applying a small amount of solder and using a soldering gun to secure the saddle in place.

Step 2

Attach the spring to the water key by inserting the hollow metal rods on either side of the water key into the two coils of the spring.

Step 3

Squeeze the two sides of the spring that came in the assembly kit together and place them in between the grooves of the saddle. Line up the holes in the saddle with the hollow metal rods on the water key.

Step 4

Insert the pin through the holes in the saddle and through the hollow metal rods on the water key. Push the pin in place until it clicks into position.


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