How to Blow Fast Air From a Trumpet

Blowing air fast from a trumpet requires learning how to use the diaphragm and embouchure properly. Fast air will help you to reach higher notes, increase your endurance and improve your tone production. It is even possible to use fast air while playing softly. The speed of the air doesn't necessarily have to affect the loudness of the instrument. Using a direct, fast stream of air will make it possible to play with an effective tone.

Step 1

Breathe in deeply using the muscles of your diaphragm to pull air into your sides and stomach.

Step 2

Tuck in your cheeks to help direct the air quickly through the mouthpiece. Puffing the cheeks out prevents you from having a strong focused sound.

Step 3

Blow quickly by pushing the air out using the muscles of the diaphragm. This will help you to direct the sound and blow fast air from the trumpet. Keep control of the airflow using the muscles of your diaphragm and keep your throat and shoulders relaxed. Any tension in your body will disrupt and obstruct the airflow.

Step 4

Practice playing long tones, starting on F concert and moving down chromatically by half steps to increase your ability to play with fast air. Play at loud and soft volumes to help build the muscles of the embouchure.


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