How to Build Speed for Playing the Keyboard

ncreasing your speed at playing the keyboard requires a daily commitment to practicing. Familiarity with the keyboard is paramount to increase your speed and ability to move quickly around the keyboard. Setting goals and using a metronome to increase your speed and accuracy are essential to becoming a better keyboard player. Speed at the expense of accuracy is not a suitable trade-off, and you should strive to develop a consistent speed and accuracy.

Step 1

Practice scales with a metronome and gradually increase the speed of the metronome. Begin at a comfortable metronome pace, and then increase the speed by two beats per minute each day. Eventually, you will be able to play scales at a fast speed, which will increase your speed at playing the keyboard.

Step 2

Play arpeggios in unison with both hands. Again, use the metronome and gradually increase your speed. This will increase your familiarity with the keyboard and make it easier to skip around the keyboard at high speeds.

Step 3

Increase your finger strength by playing five-finger exercises. To perform these exercises, place all five fingers on the keyboard with one finger on each key. Slowly press down each finger without moving any of the other fingers. This will develop finger independence, which will help you to improve your speed and dexterity. Do this with both hands for about five minutes each day.

Step 4

Practice etudes until you can play them at the recommended speed. One of the best ways to increase your speed is to simply play a lot of music. Practice daily to ensure that you develop at a consistent pace.


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