How to Clean a Raw Brass Saxophone

Cleaning a raw brass saxophone does not require the use of any polishers, solvents or cleaners. The brass on a saxophone is extremely delicate and can easily tarnish with age due to the oils from a player's hands. Whenever possible, do not touch the brass elements of a saxophone. Keep your hands on the keys and use the thumb hooks and neck strap to hold the saxophone. Because a saxophone requires extreme care when handling, keep a cloth nearby to remove any oils when you accidentally touch the brass.

Step 1 Place the saxophone on top of a soft towel. Ensure that the keys are facing up. You must never lay your saxophone on top of its keys.

Step 2 Gently rub the saxophone with a soft cloth to remove any oils and dirt. This process should be completed each time you finish playing your saxophone to avoid tarnishing the horn.

Step 3 Avoid the tendency to scrub the saxophone, but lightly rub the saxophone with the cloth until all of the dirt and grime has been removed.

Using any type of brass cleaner on the saxophone will strip the sax of the fine layer of lacquer that exists on the horn. When this happens, tit will become subject to tarnish and corrosion.


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