How to Clear Background Noise Out of a Video

Removing background noise from a video is possible with filters.

Clearing background noise from a video can be accomplished using an audio editing program such as Audacity, Sonar or Peak Pro. These programs will automatically isolate noise and remove it from the video, helping to clarify the sound and improve the audio quality. While this process will not remove all of the background noise, it is effective in removing the majority of the sound. Results will vary depending on how the frequencies of the background noise interfere with the spoken audio and music. In most cases, the background noise will be outside the range of music and dialogue, making it possible to isolate and remove background noise.

Step 1 Open your video with a native video editing program on your computer. Possible programs include Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, and on the Macintosh, you can use iMovie.

Step 2 Use the "File" menu to "Export" the file as an audio track. Select either "WAV" or "MP3" as the destination format. WAV files are higher-quality files, but they also take up more disk space.

Step 3 Drag the audio file into your audio editing program. This will import the audio and prepare it for processing.

Step 4 Select the "Effect" menu and choose "Remove Noise" from the drop-down menu. Highlight three seconds of the audio that consists of noise only, select "Get Noise Profile" and then click "OK." Choose the "Remove Noise" option again and press "OK." This will remove noise from your audio file.

Step 5 Save the audio file to your desktop. Remove the original audio track from your video editing program by selecting the audio track and pressing "Delete" or "Backspace." Drag the new audio file into the video editing program and "Export" the file as a video file of your choice.


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