Friday, March 18, 2016

How to Combine a Song Into a Single Track

Audio editing programs have the ability to combine multiple audio files.

Combing songs into a single track makes it possible to create songs which fit your needs. Whether you need to combine songs for a musical production, choreography or just want all of your songs on an album to run together, there are simple ways to accomplish the task. Using a free or commercial audio editor will greatly simplify this process.

Step 1 Import the first audio file into the program by selecting the "File" menu and selecting the "Import" or "Import Audio" command, depending on your program. A new audio file will be created on a single track.

Step 2 Import the second audio file into the same program. This will create an instance of the audio file beneath the original one on a second track. If you were to press "Play" at this point, both audio files would play simultaneously.

Step 3 Double-click the wave of the second audio file track. Open the "Edit" menu and select "Cut."

Step 4 Place your cursor at the point in the first audio track where the audio file ends. Open the "Edit" menu and then click "Paste."

Step 5 Export your audio file using the "Export" command in the File menu.

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