How to Convert Audio Notes to Written

Converting audio notes to written notes is a complex process that requires a good ear and a strong foundation in musical notation. Without these prerequisites, it is not possible to convert audio to written notation. For those that already know the basics of music notation and have a decent ear, it is possible to convert audio to written notation. The process will be painstaking at first, but the rewards come with a better understanding and appreciation for music.

Step 1 Listen to the audio several times before attempting to transcribe it. You should reach a point where the piece is practically memorized before attempting to commit it to paper. This initial step is important to become familiar with the music.

Step 2 Transcribing the rhythm first can help if you are unable to identify the pitches. By listening carefully to the rhythm and getting that right first there will be one thing less to worry about. This will enable you to concentrate on getting the right notes. To transcribe the rhythm, take a section that is just long enough for you to remember and loop the music until you get it correct.

Step 3 Play the music on a loop of 2 to 3 seconds at a time. Using small increments you will be better able to notate the music accurately. Play the loop several times and check your work against the audio recording. Once you have 2 to 3 seconds written down move on to the next 2- to 3-second segment.

Step 4 Download a software program to help you notate the music. Software programs can help transcribers by drastically slowing the music down. For long-term development, it is better to not rely on software and learn to transcribe music in real time. However, these programs can be useful for beginners and transcribers that are on a schedule. NCH makes a free program called Digital Transcriber that can be downloaded form their website.

Step 5 Input the final results into a music notation program. If you don't already own one, there is a free program called MuseScore that may be downloaded. This program will allow you to play back your written notation to see if it matches with your converted audio.

Transcribing music is not an easy task and there isn't an easy way to do it. Transcribers have to put in long hours to learn to notate audio.


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