How to Correct Your Voice Pitch

Correcting voice pitch requires developing your ear to be able to hear inconsistencies and intonation problems with your singing. Without the ability to hear the correct pitches, you will not be able to sing in tune. Some simple ear training exercises will help you to develop your ear and improve your vocal intonation. Daily practice and a consistent approach is the key to developing your ability to improve your voice pitch.

Step 1 Play a note on the piano and use your tuner to check the piano pitch to see if it is in tune.

Step 2 Sing the note that you played on the piano and try to match the pitch. Use the tuner to see if you are singing the correct pitch. Bend the pitch up or down until the tuner shows that you are singing the correct pitch.

Step 3 Play the piano as you sing your music. Using the piano to aid you, in the beginning, is helpful to ensure that you get used to singing in tune and improving your pitch.

Step 4 Practice major and minor scales daily to improve your ability to sing the correct pitches; use the piano until you can sing scales without it.

Step 5 Play a note on the piano, match the pitch with your voice, and then bend the pitch slightly above the pitch and slightly below the pitch. When you sing out of tune, listen to the interference beats that occur between your voice and the piano. These beats let you know when you are singing the wrong pitch.


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