How to Create the Look of Rain On Stage

Creating the look of rain on stage requires a carefully orchestrated group of people standing above the stage on the catwalk with large buckets of rice. While some productions use real water, and drainage systems to create the atmosphere of rain on the stage, this process creates a mess and usually causes water damage. Using rice has the advantage of being able to quickly sweep the stage and get the next scene ready in a matter of minutes. As the rice falls, it will reflect light and create the sound and look of rain falling.

Pour rice into seven buckets. You will need about 50 pounds of rice to create a prolonged effect of rain. Instruct the stage hands to stand on the catwalk above the stage and throw rice from the buckets in a circular motion towards the stage during the performance. Quickly brush the rice off stage in between acts, using four stagehands with four large push-brooms.


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