How to Create a Musical Montage

A musical montage is the aural equivalent of a collage of images pasted in creative and interesting ways. Creating a musical montage requires the use of an audio editor and several songs that you would like to cut and paste into your audio track. Of course, do not use copyrighted songs. Instead, opt to use sounds and songs that you or a friend have created on your own. You can also use songs that are already in the public domain.

Step 1: Listen to the songs and sounds that you have created, and think about how you would like to arrange them. Make a note of the start and end time of each segment you would like to include in your montage.

Step 2: Drag the songs and sounds into your audio program. Highlight the sections you want to use with your cursor, and use the "Cut" command on your PC or Macintosh to remove the audio byte from the song. Create a new audio track and paste your byte into the program. Save the file to your desktop to be used later.

Step 3: Label each clip with a number to make it easier to place them in the audio program.

Step 4: Write down a scheme for how you would like to place your sounds and songs into the audio file. While you can do this directly in the audio program, it is sometimes easier to write everything out on paper first.

Step 5: Drag the sound files into the audio editor in the order you want them to appear. Make sure you drag the files directly to the end of the current audio track to ensure that the montage is a continuous file.

Step 6: Save your file as a WAV file by using the "Export" command under the "File" menu of your audio editing program.


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