How to Dampen a Snare Drum

Snare drums often create problems when the snare drum ring outlasts the snares. You can fix this problem by dampening the snare drum. Damping the snare drum will create a more consistent decay and reduce the amount of ring that comes from your snare drum. This can be accomplished by using items that are found in most households, so there is no need to go out and buy expensive kits.

Step 1: Fold a piece of tissue until it is about 1 inch wide. The tissue will be used to absorb some of the sound of the ringing.

Step 2: Attach the tissue paper to the batter head with some duct tape. This will prevent the head from vibrating with the higher vibrations and dampens the sound

Step 3: Dampen the snare drum further, if desired, by attaching several pieces of overlapping duct tape to either side of the head. This will increase the weight of the head and dampen the snare drum further.

For a more professional look, purchase a snare drum muffler that clips on to the side of the drum. The muffler will provide you with more control over the dampening of the snare drum.


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