How to Determine BPMs

BPM (beats per minute) refers to the tempo of a song. The first metronome created in Beethoven's time allowed composers to indicate specific tempos in the score. Up until the invention of the metronome, composers were only able to indicate an approximation in tempo such as andante, which is a walking pace, or adagio, which is significantly slower. Determining the beats per minute of a song requires a timer and some simple multiplication skills.

Step 1 Play the music and begin to tap the main beat of the song. The beat should be a steady pulse that you can walk or dance to.

Step 2 Engage the timer and begin counting the number of beats that occur in six seconds of time. For best results, complete this task twice to ensure that you get the same number of beats.

Step 3 Multiply the results by 10. This will give you your total BPM.


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