How to Disassemble a Grand Piano

Taking apart a grand piano is often necessary when you need to perform a repair on the actual piano. The strings are the one part of the piano you should never remove from the piano. If you need to remove the strings, call a professional to complete the operation for you. There are five main parts on the piano that can be removed safely.

Step 1: Slide the desk, the portion where you place your music, all the way forward until it either comes out or stops sliding. If it stops sliding, you will need to pull up and out to remove the desk. Some desks have locking mechanisms that can be released simply by pulling up on the desk.

Step 2: Take off the key cover. The key cover is exactly what it sounds like, it is the part that covers the piano keys. There are two types of key covers, those that can be removed by opening the lid approximately 45 degrees and pulling up and out, and those that have a screw on either side that needs to be turned to release the key cover.

Step 3: Unscrew and remove the end blocks from either side of the piano keyboard. Do this by looking underneath the piano and twisting the screws with your hand counterclockwise. When the screws come loose the end blocks can be pulled off.

Step 4: Pull the front board off if it is not attached by screws. This is the part directly in front of the keys that stretches the length of the keyboard. If it is attached with screws, remove the screws that are attached to the bottom of the piano with a hex-lob screwdriver by unscrewing them counterclockwise.

Step 5: Grab each side of the piano keyboard with one person on each side. This part is heavy and it can break easily, so be extremely careful. If you have a third person, have them stand in the middle to support the middle of the piano keyboard. Pull the keyboard straight out. Do not attempt to remove or replace strings by yourself. The strings are under immense pressure and tension and can seriously injure you.


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