How to Do a G-Sharp Minor Chord on a Piano

The piano was designed to easily play chords. Minor chords consist of three notes separated by a specific interval pattern. The first interval in a minor chord is a minor third. Determining a minor third is as simple as picking a key on the piano and then counting up three keys from the initial key. When counting, you must start after the first piano key and include both the black and white keys. The second interval is a major third, which spans a distance of four keys. Playing a G-sharp minor chord requires the use of three keys.

Step 1: Find the set of black keys that is in a group of three. Place the thumb of your right hand on the middle black key. This key is G# (G-sharp).

Step 2: Place your middle finger on the white key that appears immediately after the third black key. This key is B and is three half-steps from G.

Step 3: Find the second black key in the set of two black keys. This key is D# and is the third note of the G# minor chord.


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