How to Even-Out a Vocal Audio Track

Removing the spikes in an audio vocal track can greatly increase the quality of an audio file. Special filters come standard with most audio editing software programs and can help you accomplish this task. The best way to even out the dynamics in a vocal track is using a normalizer followed by an audio compressor. These two functions will level out the audio sound and help remove those unwanted highs and lows.

Step 1 Download or purchase the audio editing application of your choice. Once downloaded, open the program. We recommend Audacity. It's free and it works well.

Step 2 Import your audio file into the application by dragging or choosing the "File" and then selecting "Import" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 Choose the "Normalize" option from the "Effect" menu. Leave all of the options at the default setting and select "OK." This will raise the audio to the loudest setting possible without clipping the audio.

Step 4 Select "Compressor" from the "Effect" menu and then press "OK." This will even out the audio levels and prevent the highs and lows.


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