Sunday, March 20, 2016

How to Figure Out the Different Pitches of a Boomwhacker

Determining the pitch of a Boomwhacker requires very little effort when you know how the manufacturer labels pitches. Each Boomwhacker consists of several different colors. You will find red, orange, yellow, green and purple in the basic diatonic sets. Additional chromatic add-on sets present the possibility of playing chromatic pitches as well as the basic diatonic pitches. Learning to identify the pitch of each different colored Boomwhacker makes it possible to write music with specific notation.

Step 1 Hold the Boomwhacker and look for a label in the center of the Boomwhacker. Each clear label has 1 1/2-inch black lettering that provides the general pitch class. For instance, the large red Boomwacker sounds the pitch C. 

Step 2 Learn the pitch by color. All of the red Boomwhackers play C. The orange Boomwhackers play D, the yellow ones play E, the green sound the pitch F and the purple provide the pitch G.

Step 3 Determine what octave the Boomwacker plays by figuring out the size. The 24-inch red Boomwhacker plays middle C, the 22-inch orange Boomwhacker plays D immediately above middle C and so on through the scale.

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