How to Find the BPM of a Song

Metronomes determine how fast a song is based on BPM.

Finding the average beats per minute (BPM) of a song requires the ability to tap the main pulse of the song. Once you can do this, you will be able to quickly determine the BPM of any song using a calculator and a stopwatch. Composers have to be able to select the correct BPM for their composition in order to tell the performer the song's correct speed, while musicians must be able to interpret BPM to understand the composer's intentions.

Step 1 Play the song and start tapping your foot to the beat. Don't tap your foot to the rhythm. The beat should be a steady pulse that occurs at regular intervals. It's the pulse you can walk to.

Step 2 Count the number of beats that occur in 30 seconds by using a stopwatch. The stopwatch should be started once the song has started. Write down the number that you receive from this step.

Step 3 Multiply by 2 the number you received from step 2. This will give you the total number of beats per minute.


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