How to Find a Melody for Your Lyrics

Finding a melody for lyrics can be difficult. The list of options is limited to songs that are already in the public domain. This means that you can only use a melody if the author has been deceased for 70 years. To improve your chances of finding a melody for a set of lyrics, it is better to try to create your own.

Step 1 Search for music that is in the public domain. Some composers write music and then release it free into the public domain. While it can be difficult to find composers like this, it is possible.

Step 2 Write your own melody. This might be the perfect time for you to start studying music composition. Writing your own melody enables you to ensure it fits with the lyrics. With the melody written, you can hire a composer to write the chords and background music.

Step 3 Sing the melody with the lyrics and have a musician friend notate it for you. There are composers that are willing to sit down with you and hash out your song for a fee. This way is easier than learning to write music by yourself.

Step 4 Study music composition so that you can write both the melody and the background parts to your song. In the long term, this will have a better impact on your abilities as a lyricist since you will know how to set your lyrics to song.

Step 5 Search the Internet for a composer that is willing to take your lyrics and create a song for them. If you choose this route, you lose some of the creative freedom over the elements of the song. But a qualified composer will place your lyrics professionally if you do your research properly.

When working with a composer, see whether he is willing to collaborate and split profits instead of requiring an upfront fee. Get any agreements in writing. It wouldn't hurt to draw up a contract to protect yourself.


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