How to Find the MP4 Bitrate

MP4 is an abbreviation for Moving Picture Expert Group-4. It is a standard in digital music technology that reduces video file sizes for more efficient transfer of files. This movie format has gained wide acceptance for its small size and high-quality video. It made its entrance in 1998 and has since become one of the leading formats for transmitting video over the Internet. The bit rate of an MP4 is an important quality since it determines the overall quality of the video.

Step 1 Locate the file on your hard drive. If you have it within a media player, you will need to find the original file on either your Macintosh or Windows computer.

Step 2 Select the file by clicking on the icon. When the icon appears highlighted you will know you have selected it correctly.

Step 3 Find the bit rate information by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Get Info" on a Macintosh. The total bit rate will be listed under the "More Info" tab in the information screen that pops up. In Windows, select the properties menu. This will give you a list of information, including the bit rate.


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