How to Find Music CD UPC Codes

UPC codes are on the back of most music CDs.

Finding the UPC code is a simple task that should take less than a few seconds. A UPC code on a music CD identifies the product to businesses, reports sales information to Nielsen Soundscan and allows for tracking of inventory. The UPC code is a convenient and quick way to keep track of products.

Step 1 Flip the CD over so that the front cover is face down.

Step 2 Find the box with the vertical bar-lines and numbers.

Step 3 Identify the 12-digit number on the white label. This is the UPC bar code.

Step 4 Search the Web to find the UPC bar code. You can often view bar codes online.

The same bar code cannot be used on more than one product. If a CD is re-released, it will need a new bar code if the content changes.


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