How to Finger Low B on a Alto

The alto saxophone is a woodwind instrument that is capable of playing quickly and effectively within the wind band. This instrument consists of a series of keys that shorten and lengthen the instrument when pressed. When a combination of keys is pressed, the column of air in the instrument is diffused through the horn, and the instrument is effectively shortened at the point where the keys are open. This shortening and lengthening of the instrument is what allows different pitches to be played.

Step 1 Place your fingers in the correct position on the alto saxophone. Learning the correct position is important if you are to learn to play alto saxophone properly. With your left hand, the thumb should be on the octave key. Then, moving down the instrument, the first, second and third fingers should each be placed on a key. With the right hand, the first, second and third fingers should be placed on the main keys on the lower part of the instrument.

 Step 2 Press down all of your fingers on the instrument. The left pinky will be on the key in the middle that is furthest from the main body of the alto. The right finger should be on the key nearest the bottom of the saxophone.

Step 3 Play the instrument in the usual manner, holding down all of the keys from Step 2, and you will be able to play a low B on the alto saxophone.


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