How to Fix MP3 Length Header & Low Bit Rate

You can correct MP3 title headers and fix low bit rate easily with the use of a free audio editor or commercial program. The length of the title header can pose a problem for digital audio players if it exceeds the maximum length of characters prescribed by your device. The bit rate determines the quality of the audio file as well. Saving the file at a higher bit rate will relieve some of the distortion found in low bit rate files.

Step 1 Download the free audio editor "Audacity" if you don't already own an audio editing program.

Step 2 Find the "Preferences" menu, it is usually located under the first menu at the top of your audio editor. Select the quality option and change the default sample format to a higher bitrate.

Step 3 Drag or import the audio file into the audio editing program.

Step 4 Select the entire audio file by double clicking the waveform that appears in the editing preview pane.

Step 5 Select the "Tracks" menu and click "Edit Labels" or a similar command in your audio program.

Step 6 Click the first track and enter the new title for your MP3 header. Choose a title that is shorter than the original one. Select "OK."

Step 7 Select the "File" menu and then select "Export Audio" or "Bounce to Audio" depending on your audio editor's choice of verbiage. Select MP3 for the export format in the options box. Export your file by clicking "OK" and enjoy your edited MP3.


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