How to Fix a Trumpet Water Key

The trumpet water key attaches to the main tuning slide.

Fixing a trumpet water key requires inspection of several elements to determine if they need to be replaced. On a trumpet water key, also known as a spit valve, you have a spring, cork and a hammer. All of these items will eventually need to be replaced. When the water key breaks, it is such an inexpensive item that it is best to replace the entire hammer. Once you narrow down the exact problem, you can begin to fix the water key.

Step 1 Locate the pin that holds the trumpet water key in place. The pin exists on the fulcrum the water key pivots on.

Step 2 Grab the end of the pin with the pliers and straighten it on one side. From the other side, grab the pin with your pliers and pull the pin out.

Step 3 Slide the new trumpet water key onto the fulcrum. Thread the pin that holds the water key in place through the hole in the water key and the fulcrum.

Step 4 Bend the pin around the water key so the new water key stays in place.


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