How to Get Funding for a Musical Production

Finding funding for a musical production will require a great deal of work applying for grants and contacting potential sponsors. However, organizations and groups exist that can help you fund your musical production. Grants provide legitimate options to help raise funds for your production. Local community foundations also provide excellent sources of income to contact local donors and apply for funding. Obtaining funding requires a great deal of business sense and dedication, but if you have a good idea for a musical production, funding options exist.

Community Foundations 

Step 1 Locate your local community foundations. Organizations such as the Council on Foundations will provide you with a list of local donors that may have interest in supporting your musical production. There are over 650 foundations across the United States ready to help.

Step 2 Contact the donors on the list in writing. Detail your projects goals and subject matter and request a meeting to discuss the project and potential funding in person. Getting a face-to-face meeting will give you the chance to show excerpts from your production and convince the donor of your qualifications.

Step 3 Call potential donors three weeks after you have sent the initial inquiry if they have not responded to your letter. Persistence can pay off, but if a donor tells you she is uninterested, do not press the issue further. Move on to the next potential donor in your list.

National Endowment for the Arts

Step 1 Apply to your local business office to obtain a nonprofit, tax-exempt status. Ask your local business office for the "Nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3)" form to complete when you arrive at the office.

Step 2 Comply with all safety precautions and minimum wage requirements set by the National Endowment for the arts.

Step 3 Obtain at least three years of production experience. This may mean asking actors to work for free and performing in public venues to gain experience. New music producers often have to work for free to gain a following and reputation for high-quality work.

Step 4 Complete a consortium application through the National Endowment of the Arts website. Depending on the content of your production you will have different application requirements. Follow the instructions and watch the free videos on the government website.

Offer a low-cost benefit concert in a public area to raise funds. Advertise to local business and ask for donations to help raise funds for your production.


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