How to Get Over Stage Fright as a Performer

Even the best and most experienced performers deal with stage fright on a daily basis. Overcoming stage fright and performing through stage fright improves with experience and the development of coping mechanisms. Don't let the fear of the stage prevent you from performing at your highest level. Often, people with stage fright report physical and emotional blocks that prevent them from performing. Whether you have a dry throat, trembling knees or your mind goes blank and you forget your prepared performance, techniques exist to help minimize stage fright.

Step 1 Practice ahead of time to the point where you can complete your performance on auto-pilot. You shouldn't have to worry about making mistakes during your performance if you know that you have practiced and memorized effectively.

Step 2 Prepare your space as much as possible before coming out on stage. If you are the only performer, you can set up the stage exactly as you need to put on your best performance. Make sure that your stands, chair, microphone, and notes are ready ahead of time. Adjust the podium or music stand to the appropriate height and ensure that your notes or music are ready on stage for you.

Step 3 Look at the tops of the audience head or their forehead to avoid making eye contact and further increasing your anxiety. The audience will think you are looking directly at them and your stage fright will diminish.

Step 4 Rehearse your performance in front of a group of close friends. Often, performing in front of friends can be more difficult than the actual performance. Rehearsals help you prepare for the actual performance and increase your comfort with the material.

Step 5 Create a list of things you will need for the performance. Running through the list the day of the performance will give you confidence that all of the possible variables and equipment is accounted for.


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