How to Get Paid by Making Songs

Getting paid for making songs involves making contacts with the right organizations and effective artist promotion. A songwriter must have several venues for creating income by acquiring several clients. Songwriters will encounter a highly competitive job market and must be prepared for opportunities when presented. Developing a professional reputation for high-quality work and increasing your knowledge of the industry will build your client base and income. With the right marketing and business skills, you will make a consistent living and get paid for making songs.

Assemble your press kit to market your music to radio stations. Target college radio and locally sponsored community radio. Hire a photographer to take a high-resolution headshot of yourself, a demo recording of your songs and, of course, your complete contact information. Prepare a professional bio that includes your experiences, your education, references and a list of performances. Include a press release with an interesting fact about your music. Perhaps you write music inspired by African rhythms, for example. Determine what makes your music stand out and include it in the introduction to catch the reviewer's attention.

Record a professional album to promote and sell your music. Hire musicians from a local musicians union and book a session with a local recording studio.

Join a performing rights organization such as ASCAP or BMI to track your songs' media presence. Listing your works with the performing rights organization will enable monitoring and collection of royalties when your music receives a performance through radio, film, television, public and private concerts.

Contact local businesses and ask them if they need original songs written for an upcoming event or celebration. Restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hotels and public schools often have budgets for the creation of new music. Approach primary and secondary school choirs to hire you to create original music for school performances.

Sell digital copies of your songs online through various retailers. Hire a distributor to catalog and sell your music in online digital music distribution services. CDBaby and TuneCore provide digital distribution services and have been in business several years. You can only distribute your music digitally through one company at a time, so consider having a lawyer who is experienced with music sales review your contract to make sure you're getting the best deal. Make sure to copyright your music by registering it with the Library of Congress.


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