How to Get Publicity for Your Song

Getting publicity for your song requires a significant amount of work and knowledge of the appropriate places to advertise. Several methods exist to promote your song, but they all require a certain degree of understanding of the music business. You can easily post your music online, enlist the help of friends and fans and spread your music virally, if you know the proper way to go about doing this. When promoting your song, you must be able to describe the music, since words are what first draw the listener into your song.

Create an effective description of your song. Tell someone who has never heard your song before what your music sounds like. You can compare it to another, similar song, or you can describe it with descriptive imagery. Discuss the tempo, the beat, the harmonies used and even the production process. For instance, "My song has fast, undulating rhythms, with thick nontraditional harmonies. I created it using a special type of mic that creates soft, relaxing timbres." Avoid speaking in technical terms.

Enroll in several social media networking sites to get your music out to the world. After you sign up, spend some money on advertising to help bring in new people to your music. If people like your music, they will share it with their friends and you could potentially increase your following drastically. You can advertise for as little as $10 a month if you closely monitor your ads and cut them off before they become too expensive.

Enter song contests through ASCAP and BMI. These are the two largest performing rights organizations (PRO) and they have the resources to help you develop the connections you need. Join one of these organizations to help collect royalties when your song sells.

Seek out conventions to market your music and connect with music industry professionals. The music industry generally doesn't take unsolicited recordings, so you have to meet the right people to get your music heard. This can be done by going to conventions and talking with professional arts and repertoire agents.

Play local concerts as often as possible. If you don't have the resources to put on a concert, play in coffee shops, offer your services to restaurants, ask to sing outside grocery stores or just find a busy area in the park or a street corner. You will have to play free at first to become recognized.

Establish a website for your song and provide a free download of your song if people register. You can easily create a website using a content management system. There are several available for free on the Internet. Most web-hosting companies will even install the initial website for you. Provide some background information, an About page and a contact link.

Sell your song online through a digital distribution service. For a small fee, companies will get your music listed in the most popular digital music services.


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