How to Get a Single on the Radio

Getting your single on the radio can be tough, especially since the majority of radio stations are commercial operations that must respond to the needs of advertisers. For an independent artist that doesn't have an agent, the chances of getting into mainstream radio are slim -- unless you have a prominent following and can get exposure on lesser known, intermediate radio stations. A more recent alternative for getting airplay is Internet radio, where it's easier to get your music listed.

Step 1 Create a press kit to catch the attention of the music director at the radio station. The press kit should include a press release that gives a thought-provoking description of your band, along with contact information. Also include a professional 9-by-13 inch headshot or band photo, a resume, discography of any albums, and a list of recent performances.

Step 2 Create a sheet to insert inside the CD case. Note if the song contains any profanity. If you have more than one single, point the music director toward the best two or three -- by circling them on the song list or including a short note. Include a testimonial about your music, and give a quick description of any other bands you sound like. Keep this sheet to one page.

Step 3 Send your music to noncommerical radio stations such as KEXP, KCRW, WXPN and The Current. These stations do not have advertisers and are more likely to play music they find deserving of airplay. Send a package along with the press kit and recording of your music to each of these stations. Avoid emailing them or sending them a link to your social media profile.

Step 4 Call each music director after two weeks, to see if they have had a chance to listen to your music. You can also try sending an email to follow up, if you are unable to reach someone by phone.

Step 5 Submit to online radio stations by visiting the Internet station's website and following the posted submission procedures.

Place your music in a standard jewel case. Radio stations that stock music have a system for keeping the music organized, and the slots work best for jewel cases. Include a listing of the songs somewhere on the CD, whether it is on the inside cover or as a slip of paper inserted into the case. Hire a promotion company or locate an agent, to help get your music on the radio. Contact local college radio stations to get your music played there.


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