How to Get a Song Promoted

Promoting a song is an intense endeavor that requires an understanding of the various methods of marketing your music. You can promote your song through several channels, including paid advertisements, free local listings, social media platforms and even by creating your own web page. Musicians that want to earn money from songs must use every opportunity to promote and make the public aware of the song. Providing information at concerts and building a fan-base are critical for this endeavor.

Step 1 Sign up on the various social media platforms such as Facebook, MySpace Music and ReverbNation. These websites make it possible for you to place your music online and attract fans that are interested in your music.

Step 2 Advertise your song in local free listings such as grocery stores, music shops and coffee shops. You should print an attractive looking advertisement large enough to be seen, but small enough to not be obtrusive to the store owner. Cards that are approximately six by eight inches are an ideal size.

Step 3 Create a press kit including a picture, your contact information, a demo of the song and your press release that provides something interesting and original about your band. Send your music to independent radio stations and college radio. 

Step 4 Find an agent to help promote your music. You can list your music with TAXI and other groups designed to increase your exposure and help you promote your music.

Step 5 Build a website with an "About" section, a "Music" section and a "Contact" section. You should also have a newsletter built into your website so that fans can subscribe to updates about your music.

Step 6 Promote your music at concerts. Print flyers for those in attendance to take home with them with information on how fans can help you promote your song. 

Step 7 Sign up for digital distribution of your song through TuneCore or CDBaby. This will make it possible to get your music on sites such as iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other online digital sellers.


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