How to Keep Rhythm Without a Metronome

Things You'll Need Rhythm book Introduction A metronome provide a consistent beat to help count music. Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images It is possible to keep rhythm without a metronome to play music on tempo and with precision. Learning to accomplish this requires consistent practice and strong abstract reasoning skills. Calculating evenly spaced beats requires a strong sense of rhythm. Other methods exist to help develop a sense of rhythm that do not require the use of a metronome. Common household objects can make an excellent substitute for a metronome.

Step 1 Tap a steady beat with the aid of a steady source such as a clock with a second hand. Tap your foot each time the second-hand moves. Continue to do this until you can consistently match the movement of the second hand with your foot.

Step 2 Tap a steady beat with your foot. Use your best judgment at first using a moderate tempo to make it easier to get into the rhythm of the beat. It is more difficult to keep a slow or fast tempo than it is to keep a moderate tempo.

Step 3 Play quarter notes every time your foot hits the floor. Play half notes every other beat and whole notes every four beats. You can also play eighth notes by playing two notes per beat and 16th notes with four notes per beat.

Step 4 Practice this technique with simple rhythms first. Avoid anything that uses a syncopation, which is a rhythm that doesn't fall exactly on the main beat. Use a rhythm book to gradually increase your ability to play consistently and progressively complex rhythms.

Using a metronome ensures that your timing is perfect and is recommended for beginners. If you simply don't have access to a metronome but would like to improve your timing, try using a clock, or tap to the rhythm of your favorite music. Tapping your foot to music will increase your conception of musical time, allowing you to count your own rhythms more easily.


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