How to Layer Vocals on a Song

ayering vocals on a song requires an audio editing program such as Sonar, Audacity or Peak Pro. These audio editor programs allow you to record one track at a time using a technique known in audio editing as layering. This ensures that each track is perfected before moving on to the next track. Layering tracks enables you to record single soloists without exhausting the entire group. This is also an effective technique for creating choir works with just one singer as it enables the performer to sing all of the parts by himself.

Step 1 Open your audio editing program and create a new track by clicking the "Tracks" menu and then clicking on the "Add New" drop-down menu.

Step 2 Press the record button and, using a set of drumsticks, clack the sticks together four times in the tempo of the song. This will provide your performer the chance to get the tempo correct before singing. When the recording is finished it is easy to remove the initial four beats.

Step 3 Press stop at the end of the recording and then add another track using the process from Step 1.

Step 4 Record the second performer by pressing the "Record" button. This time, the audio editor will play back the original recorded voice and the initial four beats, so you do not need to tap out the tempo again. If the soloist makes a mistake, erase the track and start over. Continue adding tracks until all of the voices have been recorded.

Step 5 Highlight the first four beats of the audio file and press the "Delete" button.


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