How to Learn How to Play Awesome Songs on the Soprano Recorder

Playing any song on the recorder requires spending the time to learn how to play the notes of the recorder, proper hand placement and learning to read music. Once you learn to read music you will be able to download the sheet music for any song you wish to play and with a little practice, it will be possible to play awesome songs on the recorder. Learning to play the recorder will provide you with a cheap and enjoyable way to enjoy music.

Step 1 Start by learning the correct hand position for the recorder. The left thumb is placed underneath the recorder and is used to cover the single hole. The rest of the fingers can be placed with the index finger on the first hole, the middle finger on the second hole and the ring finger on the third hole. For the right hand, place the index finger on the fourth hole, the middle finger on the fifth hole, the ring finger on the double-hold and the pinky on the last double-hole.

Step 2 Learn the different rhythms that exist in music. Learn about the whole note, half note, quarter note and sixteenth note. You should specifically learn how many beats each note is worth and what they look like.

Step 3 Learn the fingerings and names of the notes by using a fingering chart. Once you learn to associate a fingering with a note name, you will be able to play scales.

Step 4 Practice playing major scales. Once you can successfully play all of the major scales you will be able to begin playing music. Get a book of major scales to learn to play them on the recorder.

Step 5 Download or buy some sheet music for your favorite songs. Practice the music until you are able to play the entire piece successfully. It takes time to learn a new piece, but the sense of accomplishment when you play it well is well worth it.


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