How to Lube a Trombone F Rotor

Oiling an F trombone with a rotor requires understanding how the trombone works and what parts are moveable. The rotor is located next to the main slide and is acted upon by the trombonist's thumb to change pitch. If the rotor valve is not properly lubricated, the trombone will not react quickly during play. For this reason, oiling a trombone properly requires ensuring that each independent part and bearing is located evenly. Use a high-quality mineral-based rotor oil to ensure a smooth action.

Step 1 Remove the trombone tuning slide located at the back of the trombone.

Step 2 Pour oil through the bottom portion of the tuning slide located on the same side as the rotor valve.

Step 3 Move the rotor valve up and down as if you were engaging it during play. This will allow the oil to disperse evenly throughout the valve.

Step 4 Unscrew the valve cap on the back of the rotor valve. Oil the bearings by applying oil to the movable parts inside the bearing.

Step 5 Flip the trombone over and oil the valve stem that attaches to the rotor valve casing. Move the valve stem to allow the oil to drip down to the bearings.


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