How to Make an A Cappella Group

Create an a capella group by selecting singers appropriate to the type of ensemble you wish to create. A capella groups consist of groups of all men, all women or combined gender choirs. Groups that use only singers without instrumental accompaniment classify as a capella groups. However, some earlier groups did use instruments, especially in the church. If you choose to use an instrument, the instrument should not add anything new to the music and should follow the singers lines exactly.

Step 1 Create a budget for your group to buy music stands, hold rehearsals, purchase music and pay fees to enter contests and promote your group.

Step 2 Contact a local community foundation group to find donors to provide funding for your group. Several donors exist to help you acquire funds for your group.

Step 3 Locate singers for your group. A good size a cappella group will have 8 to 10 singers. Advertise at local universities for volunteers and contact your local musicians union for paid singers.

Step 4 Select music that fits the singers abilities and revolves around concert themes. Use Mozart only for one concert, or have a classical concert dealing with the music from 1750 to 1820. Host a pops concert by selecting music with a patriotic or use movie theme music.

Step 5 Set a regular rehearsal schedule. Singers must know ahead of time, when you will meet and how often. For an amateur group, meeting once a week will be enough. It will be hard to schedule rehearsals much more than once a week, unless you are paying your singers for their time.

Step 6 Set up concerts locally and contact local businesses, the parks and recreation department and community centers. Aim for 6 to 8 concerts per year. Perform after hours in high schools around town with permission from the school.

Step 7 Advertise your group with flyers, a website detailing the performers in your group and concert dates as well as in coffee shops, libraries, bookstores and music businesses.

Avoid using "you can" and "you may" construction and start with the verb to make the writing more active.

The type of a cappella group you choose will be up to you. Create an all male or all female group. One option is to start with a traditional soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass ensemble. Hire a qualified conductor help you audition singers and place performers in the proper roles.


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