How to Make Background Music With MIDI Instruments

Creating background music with MIDI instruments is an advanced skill requiring the musician to know music composition. Once you have learned to read and write music, you can begin to use notation software to create MIDI realizations of your background music. Even without rudimentary composing skills, you can experiment and hear your creations played back with a notation program. Through trial and error, you can move notes around on the staff and hear them played back. Eventually, this will lead to a completed piece if you trust your ear and work patiently.

Step 1 Install your music notation program and set up a default score. Notation programs will ask you to select the type of score you want when you start the application. For now, just select a single treble clef staff.

Step 2 Select the "MIDI/Audio" menu and select the "Instrument List" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 Choose the musical instrument you would like to playback. There are 128 general MIDI options, ranging from traditional violins to gunshots and helicopters. MIDI is a standardized platform for creating music. For instance, general MIDI instrument one will always be an acoustic grand piano.

Step 4 Enter the notes into the score to create a playback file that will allow you to create your background music. Press the playback option to hear the music played back. If you don't like what you hear, drag the notes in the score up or down to change the pitch to the correct note.

Step 5 Create more complicated background music by adding several new staves to the file. Each staff can have its own sound.

Use an already established sample MIDI file and modify the notes to fit your own personal style. By choosing a MIDI file from the collection that comes with your notation program, you can modify the instrument channels as you see fit and create your own music with limited experience.

Connect your electronic keyboard to your computer's sound-card with a MIDI cable to play and record the music with your notation program. Press the record key and then change the instrument type for each track after you are done recording.


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