How to Make Broken Beams in Finale Notepad

Finale notepad is a simpler and less feature-rich version of the professional scale Finale program by MakeMusic. Notepad allows you to create simply musical scores and edit them using a computer. While many of the advanced features are missing from this program, it is still possible to break beams in Finale Notepad to accurately notate vocal music and unusual accents in the music.

Step 1: Launch Finale Notepad and open the score that you wish to edit.

Step 2: Find the location of the beams that you would like to break.

Step 3: Click on the second note with your cursor while holding down the "option" key on a Macintosh or the "ctrl" key on a Windows computer.

Step 4: Push the "B" key on a Macintosh computer or hold down "Shift" plus the "B" key on a Windows computer. This action will toggle between broken beams and unbroken beams.


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