How to Make a Buzzing Sound With Your Fingers

Making a buzzing sound with your fingers can provide you with an entertaining and a way to create sound effects. Whether you want to emulate the sound of a plane flying overhead or you are interested in creating melodies by buzzing, this skill can come in handy and even provide moments of amusement when life becomes dull. While buzzing isn't one of the highest forms of musical achievement, buzzing certainly has its place and has even been used in modern classical pieces. 

Step 1 Make a gun with your fingers. Hold your two index fingers straight out in front and curve your thumb, ring and middle fingers inwards.

Step 2 Place the fingers next to your lips; the index finger will line up over your top lip and the middle finger will line up over your bottom lip.

Step 3 Press the fingers together so that when you attempt to buzz the air will move between them and vibrate the flesh on your fingers.

Step 4 Breathe from your diaphragm and expel the air forcefully while keeping your cheeks tucked in and firm. This will allow you to create a powerful buzzing sound with your fingers.

Step 5 Change the pitch by tensing your lips and increasing the tension between the fingers to buzz higher. To do this, imagine you are sucking through a straw. Buzz low notes by loosening the fingers and lips, but keep the cheeks firm.


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