How to Make a CD of Halloween Sound Effects That Overlap BackgroundMusic

Creating a CD of Halloween sound effects overlapping background music is simple if you have one of the free or commercial audio editing programs. Sonar, Peak and Audacity have functions that make it possible to overlay two audio tracks and combine them into one audio file. With the combined audio file created, you may export the music to an audio format that is capable of playback in a CD player.

Step 1 Start your audio program or download and install Audacity, a free audio editor.

Step 2 Import the background music into the audio editor main window. This will create a new track with your audio file. Most audio programs let you drag the file to the program; some audio programs require that you do this through the "File" menu and select the “Import” option.

Step 3 Drag the audio file that contains sound effects into the audio program below the background audio. You will now have two audio tracks. The first one is the background music and the second is your sound effect track.

Step 4 Adjust the Halloween sound effects by dragging each sound effect to the appropriate place in the audio file. Cut and paste sound effects to expertly synchronize them with the background music. Use your cursor to select the sound effect you want to move. Paste the effect into the appropriate place in the music.

Step 5 Select the “File” menu and click the “Export” option. Save the audio file as a .wav file and press “OK.”

Step 6 Insert a blank CD-R into your computer and drag the newly created audio file to the CD. A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to burn “data” or “audio.” Confirm that you wish to make an audio CD and click “OK.”


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