How to Make a Cello Endpin Holder

A cello endpin holder keeps the cello from slipping out of the grasp of the performer. The endpin is inserted through a loop in a cord, while the other end of the cord is connected to the leg of the chair that the performer sits on. This makes it possible to keep the cello a predetermined distance from the performer. While commercial endpin holders are relatively inexpensive and look professional, in an emergency situation you can create an endpin holder with a piece of rope.

Step 1 Cut a piece of rope approximately 2 1/2 feet long. The length of the rope may be different depending on your preference for how close you want the cello to be to you.

Step 2 Tie one end of the rope into a small loop. Ensure the loop is large enough that it will fit around the cello endpin. Tie the other end of the rope so that it is large enough to fit around the leg of the chair.

Step 3 Connect the larger loop to the leg of the chair by lifting the chair and putting the chair leg through the loop. Straighten the rope and place the cello endpin through the loop at the end of the rope.


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