How to Make a Cut of a Song

You can make a cut of a song with the aid of an audio-editing program. Once you have determined the precise location to cut the song, you can use any number of audio-editing programs to complete the task. You will have to install a program since there are no native programs that allow you to edit the music. Cutting a song enables you to shorten a piece, cut out inappropriate words or prepare it to attach to the beginning or end of another audio file.

Step 1 Import your song by dragging the audio file into the main editing interface. You may also go to "Import" under the "File" menu and select the song file.

Step 2 Preview by playing the audio file and watching the cursor as it moves across the song. Find the point where you want to cut the song and place the cursor there. Use the zoom tool that looks like a magnifying glass to zoom in on the section you have selected.

Step 3 Highlight the area before and after the cursor by clicking and dragging your mouse across the potential cut point. Press "Play" to preview the selected section and move the selection point if necessary. Everything after the cursor will be cut.

Step 4 Cut the song by dragging from the cut point to the end of the file. Open the "Edit" menu and select the "Cut" option. This will cut the audio that you have selected.

When preparing a song for editing, you must use an import function by dragging or using the "Import" menu. The "Open File" or "New File" options only apply to opening the audio application files.


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