How to Make Cuts in a Song

Making cuts in a song may be accomplished using an audio editing program. Virtually any audio editor includes the necessary tools to complete a music project. The hard part about making cuts in a song involves finding a suitable place to make the cut. The cut must be made in a place that will not call attention to itself, such as a transition or preferably a silent moment in the music. With audio editing, only a brief moment of silence will be needed to make a successful cut. 

Step 1:  Import the song into your preferred audio editing program. Most programs make this possible simply by dragging and dropping the audio file into the editing window. Other programs require that you use the "File" menu and select "Import." 

Step 2:  Analyze the wave file by looking at the high and low points of the wave. The wider the wave file appears from top to bottom, the louder it will be. Look for sections in which no activity registers. These sections are your silent moments. 

Step 3:  Place your cursor at the start of the silence in the wave. Drag your cursor to select all of the music that occurs after this point and delete the music. This will create a cut in the song at the exact moment you place your cursor.

If there are no moments of silence in the song, you will need to find a point in which the wave moves from a very low dynamic to a very loud one. Cut the music right before the volume change.


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