How to Make Cymbals Shiny

Cleaning a dirty cymbal requires a methodical approach. Making your cymbals shiny will give an air of professionalism and discipline to your percussion outfit. By learning to clean cymbals properly, you will have the skills necessary to keep your cymbals in top condition. Cymbal polish removes a microscopic amount of metal that helps to keep your cymbals free of corrosion and capable of lasting a lifetime. Invest in the tools you need to clean your cymbals; the upfront cost is relatively small and it will ensure that you get years of enjoyment from your cymbals.

Step 1:  Add a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to a container with 10 gallons of water in it. The container must be large enough to fit the entire cymbal inside.

Step 2:  Place the cymbal inside the container and let it soak for two minutes.

Step 3:  Remove the cymbal and rinse it off with warm water. Then dab the cymbal with a cloth until it is dry. Avoid scrubbing; you just want to remove any excess dirt.

Step 4:  Apply cymbal polish to a clean cloth and divide the cymbal into four small circular sections from the center of the cymbal to the outside edge. Only clean one section at a time and clean from the inside to the outside of the cymbal. Use a circular motion and follow the groove of the cymbal.

Step 5:  Rinse the cymbal in clean water and then wipe it down with a clean cloth. Ensure that no polish is left behind; you must continue to rinse the cymbal until the polish has been removed.

Don't use an abrasive brush to clean your cymbal; it will cause scratches and damage. Avoid using glass cleaner; purchase cymbal cleaning polish from a local music store.


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