How to Make a Drum Tom Sound Deeper

Toms are pitched drums that do not have snares. Generally, they come in groups of four: high-pitches, medium high-pitched, medium-pitched, and low-pitched toms. You can make your tom sound deeper and get a thicker, richer sound with the right equipment and knowledge. Toms have drum heads that a percussionist can adjust to change their general pitch and sound. When adjusting the pitch of a tom, take care not to lower the pitch too much; the tom head needs to maintain a certain amount of tension to create a strong, robust sound.

Step 1 Remove the old drum head by using the drum key and turning the lug nuts counter-clockwise. Peel the original drum head off the tom and set it aside. You may want to use it again later, so keep it in a safe place.

Step 2 Replace the old drum head with the oil-filled drum head. Make sure to line the drum head up along the rim of the tom.

Step 3 Put the lugs back on the screws and tighten them in the same way you would put a wheel on a car. You want to move from one screw to the screw on the opposite side. Tighten them with your hand -- do not use the drum key.

Step 4 Tighten each of the lugs until all of the kinks in the drum head have been removed. Once the surface of the drum head feels smooth, turn the drum key one-quarter turn counter-clockwise on each of the lugs to slightly lower the sound.

Oil-filled drumheads contain a layer of oil sandwiched between two heads. The oil provides a thicker, richer sound since the drum head vibrates more slowly.


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