How to Make Drums Quiet and Muffle the Sound

First off, let's call it what it is. We want to help you make your drums softer or muffled and not just quieter. Making your drums quieter requires adding a few components to the drum to help dampen the sound and reduce the overall volume. There are commercial and do-it-yourself options available to reduce the sound of your drums. Whether you want to reduce the sound to avoid disturbing your neighbors or just need to quiet the drum in a small ensemble, the process for decreasing volume is easy.

Place a rubber pad on top of the batter head, the main head of the drum, to reduce the overall volume of the drum. The rubber pad won't harm the top of the drum, and will help to muffle the sound. You can purchase pads from specialty stores designed specifically for this purpose.

Replace your old drum heads with thicker heads since the thicker heads reduce the volume of the drum. There are several different thicknesses available at local music stores. Try out a few different varieties to find the right drum head thickness that works for your needs.

Tune the drum down from its regular pitch, by loosening the screws around the side. Don't loosen them so much that the drum rattles. Making the pitch slightly lower will make it possible to decrease the sound naturally.

Keep your sticks closer to the drum and choose thinner sticks to reduce the volume of the drum. There are also softer mallet heads you can use to reduce the strike-force of your attacks. Combined with a thicker head, a softer mallet will give a softer, rounder sound.


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