How to Make an Electronica Song With Vocals

Making an electronica song with vocals requires employing a singer and laying the vocal track on top of the electronic music. While this may seem complicated, it should not pose much of a problem if you have an audio editor to help you manage the different tracks. Once you have created your electronic tracks, you can merge the tracks into a single audio file and add the vocals by having the vocalist sing along, while listening to the music through a headset. The functions for audio editors are essentially the same whether you choose a free or commercial version.

Step 1 Combine your electronic music tracks into one stereo track. Exporting the audio sequencer file as a WAV file will simplify this process. Go to the "File" menu and select "Export" or a similar command on your program. Save the file as a WAV file and press "OK."

Step 2 Select the "File" menu and choose "New" from the drop-down menu. Drag the WAV file you created from Step 1 into the audio editing pane.

Step 3 Hook up a microphone, preferably a cardioid vocal microphone, to the mic output of your computer's sound card. This can be found along the left side of most laptops, or on the front, and sometimes, the rear of a computer tower.

Step 4 Press the red circular "Record" button and a new track will appear and start recording your vocals. Let the singer listen through headphones as the audio file plays back. She will sing the vocal part on top of this track in real-time.

Step 5 Export the file as a WAV file again and enjoy your new electronica song with vocals.


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