How to Make a Female Voice With Audacity

As a composer, you may need to morph a female voice into a male voice and vice-versa. Audacity, a free audio editor, makes changing the pitch of a voice possible so that you can create a softer and more characteristically female timbre. Female voices tend to be higher than male voices. Audacity helps you to make several changes to the pitch and quality of the voice. Some of these changes are best completed when making the actual recording. Some women also have voices in the same range as men, so it is the quality and style of speaking that you will have to concentrate your efforts on.

Step 1 Install and open Audacity. This will create a new file for you to begin recording with.

Step 2 Plug your microphone into the mic jack on your computer. The mic jack looks like a microphone with a circle around the head of the microphone. Usually, it is situated next to the headphone jack.

Step 3 Press the red record button in Audacity. This will begin recording your voice. When speaking try to raise your pitch up and down to create a melodic tone. Males should avoid the tendency to speak in a monotone. Exaggerate any inflections in your voice. Press the "Stop" button when you finish recording. Speak in a higher voice than normal.

Step 4 Select the "Effect" menu and then select the "Change Pitch" option. Move the slider so that the pitch changes by 17 percent. Press "OK." If the voice isn't quite right, try modifying the slider up or down to match your preference.

Generally, when using audio software, you can change the audio by 18 percent higher or lower before the voice doesn't sound realistic. You also might like: How to Make a Recording Clear on Audacity


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