How to Make an Instrument Louder

Depending on your instrument, you may need to use physical force, air or even an amplifier to increase the volume. There is a limit to the amount of volume that can be created by a single instrument. This is one of the reasons that orchestras have up to 30 violins, 18 violas, 12 cellos and 8 basses. The additional numbers increase the density and power of the sound.

Step 1 Determine what type of instrument you have. Some instruments such as children's electronic toys may be capable of only one dynamic level.

Step 2 Play a harpsichord or celesta. These instruments have keyboards but use plectrums inside the instrument to produce sound (instead of hammers on a piano). The only way to increase volume is to play more notes.

Step 3 Choose to play a piano. Pianos uses small hammers to hit strings inside the instrument. Increase the sound by pressing more forcefully on the keys.

Step 4 Play an electronic instrument, such as an electronic piano. In most cases, electronic instruments can be made louder simply by turning up the volume or adding an amplifier to the headphone output.With more expensive electronic pianos, the volume is increased by pressing the keys more forcefully.

Step 5 Play a brass or wind instrument. These instruments require a performer to blow air through the instrument. If you instrument is a wind instrument, more volume can be obtained by increasing the amount of air pushed through the instrument. Use your diaphragm muscles to increase the pressure and speed of your air.

Step 6 Push down harder with the bow on a bowed string instrument or pull the string pack further if you play a plucked instrument. By pressing the bow into the strings, you create additional friction that increases the level of sound. Forceful plucking creates stronger vibrations which also increase the level of sound.

Step 7 Play a percussion instrument. It requires the use of extra force by hitting a mallet forcefully against the object to increase volume.

If you play a harpsichord or celesta, play more notes to increase the volume. This was a common practice in the Baroque period when chords were used to increase the number of notes, thereby increasing the volume of the instrument.


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