How to Make Money Singing

Having knowledge of how to make money as a singer will make you profitable and successful...if you also have talent. Singing is a difficult career path, and often, you'll have to work in smaller, intimate settings before you gain recognition. Several options exist for you to expand your singing career options and create stable sources of income to help you to further your career, develop your voice, and help other vocalists in the process.

Step 1 Ensure you have the proper technique to sing in a variety of styles. Successful vocalists take lessons for several years before attempting to sing in public.

Step 2 Contact hotels, coffee shops and restaurants and offer your services to them. Call them only after you've established an initial in-person connection. The proprietors will want to see what you look like, and may ask you to sing for them on-the-spot to judge your ability. Take a resume when you go that lists any training, degrees or experience you have.

Step 3 Teach privately, as there are many vocalists who want to learn how to sing. Advertise your services in the local newspapers, grocery stores, community centers, churches and schools. Teaching can be a reliable source of income and allow you to provide support for budding singers.

 Step 4 Consider obtaining advanced degrees and applying to colleges and universities, which typically offer singers the chance to make a good living while singing regularly. As a university instructor, you'll sing at recitals, concerts, events and charities.

Step 5 Form a band and enter contests in which you can earn cash and prizes. Work locally at first to build a strong fan base, then try to expand by creating a social networking site and offering your music online.

Step 6 Record your music and sell it online. Hire a company to sell your music for you over the Internet. There are many reputable companies that will get your music listed in hundreds of online music distribution services.

If you lack experience, volunteer to sing for free at first. Many musicians have to volunteer their time to sing for free to build up a portfolio of performances and contacts. These contacts can help to secure paying jobs in the future.


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